Support and replacement
of the executor

The death of a family member heralds the start of an emotionally difficult period. In addition to mourning, the beneficiaries are, at the same time, facing many organisational, administrative, and financial matters. Creditors submit their claims. Various institutions, including the Dutch Tax Administration, ask for information. And last but not least, the Will needs to be executed. To carry out all these duties, a central person is often tasked with the settlement of the estate: the executor.

The executor is appointed by the deceased in his or her Will. Trust plays an important role in the appointment. This often fails to appreciate whether the proposed executor is knowledgeable. The diligent and correct settlement of an estate is a time-consuming matter that does not only require substantive legal, tax, and financial expertise but also considerable knowledge of human nature. It also becomes ever more apparent from judicial rulings that the role of an executor is not without obligations.

A non-professional executor would be wise to seek support. Janus Notarial Lawyers frequently assists executors in, for instance, creating clarity on what needs to be done, the explanation of the last Will, the contact with demanding beneficiaries and creditors, and the preparation of the required tax returns. The executor maintains his or her position, supported by a specialised firm.

If beneficiaries are unhappy with the work of the executor and their grievances are not heard, then they can apply to the court for dismissal of the executor. In that case, Janus Notarial Lawyers can take on the role of substitute executor.

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