How we work

Professional settlement of estate

Process-based approach


Janus Notarial Lawyers structures the settlement of an estate efficiently. We know what needs to be done each step of the way, in what order and with what priority.

Keeping the beneficiaries and other interested parties informed throughout the process is of utmost importance to us.


Transparent and ethical

Provide clarity

This process-based approach provides clarity and guarantees an efficient settlement of the estate. It makes no difference whether we are involved in the capacity of adviser, liquidator, or executor.

Nor does it make a difference whether we are asked to deal with the settlement from start to finish or only for some of it.




The settlement of an estate is more, much more, than just a process and knowing what to do. Settling an estate is often an emotional process for those involved and we understand that this requires a different but at all times empathic approach.

As professionals we are able to recognise conflicting interests in complex estates and dare to take well-considered decisions in those situations.