Falling-out between beneficiaries

The number of estate disputes is on the rise. Social developments are reflected in the settlement of an estate: individualisation, less willingness to concede, legalisation, more wealth, and blended families.

The reason for the dispute can often be found in distrust towards each other. The origin of the distrust often lies in the past; the previous family situation. Mutual contact is minimal and when the surviving parent passes away, people need to talk to each other again because the estate needs to be settled.

If an external professional has not been appointed or requested then the beneficiaries depend on each other to settle the estate. People want to leave this mandatory confrontation behind them as soon as possible and continue life without the family members they do not feel connected to and do not want to be in contact with.
If one of the beneficiaries has been designated as the executor then this can already be a reason for the other family members to follow his or her actions extremely closely to ensure nothing untoward is done.

Janus Notarial Lawyers can assist with the settlement of the entire estate. Not just the contentious issue at hand, but also the operational matters like administering the bank accounts, informing all the beneficiaries, clearing and selling the house, counseling the distribution of the household effects, and preparing and submitting the required income and inheritance tax returns. Of course, we give an account of our activities upon the conclusion of the settlement.

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